Madison, AL is rich in history, and the gorgeous historic homes that stretch throughout the city are among the best features. If you’re lucky enough to own one of these homes, you likely want to preserve its integrity. In the historic district, proper preservation might even be required by the city.

If you need a new roof, historical roof restoration is something to consider. Rather than ripping off your old roof and installing something new that doesn’t quite fit the aesthetics of your historical home, restoration services offer a superior alternative.

The Importance of Historical Roof Restoration Services

Every day in the Madison area, roofing professionals rip off old roofs and lay new ones in their place. This common process can help protect your home from inclement weather, moisture, and the elements better than an aging, failing roof can.

However, restoring a roof doesn’t just keep the elements out: It also protects the original design, style, and integrity of a historic building. While this process can be challenging in some situations, an experienced professional can help you increase your protection and value.

Considering Time-Period Accuracy

Your home’s restored roof should fit with the original architecture and style from the period when your home was built. Several of the plantation homes in the Madison area have been around for more than 200 years and include Greek Revival, Victorian, and Colonial designs.

Victorian homes have steep roofs that can be difficult to work on while a colonial-style home usually has a gabled roof. A professional who knows about roof restoration will be able to recommend the process that will best accentuate your home while providing excellent structural integrity.

Modern Safety

While the purpose of roof restoration is to protect the original look of a home, this project should also provide you with the benefit of modern-day structural integrity. We now have access to a variety of materials that protect against moisture, wind, hail, and more. All work should be done according to code as well to ensure your roof is installed properly. Meeting energy-efficient standards is also useful, helping you decrease your carbon footprint and save money on your monthly energy bills.

The Process of Roof Restoration

Restoring a roof is much more involved than simply laying some new shingles. A variety of technologies, along with authentic materials, are used to protect the rich heritage of a home or structure. Some of these technologies include:

3D Scanning

By taking very specific measurements and outlining the exact design of a historical roof, a restoration plan can be made.

Choosing Proper Materials

Many different historical roof materials that look just like what was used decades ago are being manufactured. Working with an experienced roof restoration company can ensure that you have access to these items without having to compromise efficiency or aesthetics.

Considering Modern Advancements

We can’t discount the structural integrity and quality of current building materials. In some cases, we can incorporate modern materials with historical style to unite the best of both worlds. A lot of times, this can keep the cost of a roof restoration down a bit. It can also add to the overall functionality of your roof compared to just using historical materials.


Before a roof restoration, you’ll usually want to have a roof inspection performed. This process will determine what work needs to be done, how much the project may end up costing, and how your roof can be safely accessed by your roofing team. Some companies even use drone technology for hard-to-access roofs.


Your chosen roofing company should be able to restore your roof without having to compromise sustainability. It’s easy to source whatever materials are needed, but there is a benefit to restoring your roof with items made from recycled and eco-friendly materials. This can include everything from shingles to adhesives and fasteners.


If the roofing company that you’re working with isn’t knowledgeable about the type of roof you currently have on your Madison home, they should be willing to do any research that’s necessary before the start of a project. This can include learning about different materials, the restoration process, sustainability practices, etc. This process can often include speaking with different professionals who have extensive knowledge of the homes in the area and how they were constructed.

Ongoing Maintenance

Even with the best installation practices, it’s inevitable that your home will need roofing maintenance at some point. If you’ve gone through the trouble of having your historical home’s roof restored, then you will want to schedule routine inspections. This allows a professional to make small repairs as needed to protect the overall integrity of your roof.

If you are interested in learning more about having a roof restoration performed on your Madison home, reach out to the team at Helpful Roofing. Not only do we have experience working on historical homes in the area, but we can also take care of traditional roof replacement, emergency repairs caused by storm damage, routine maintenance, and more.

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