It can be argued that the roof is the most important component of your home. If it is defective in any way, it can result in moisture, pest or other problems throughout your entire home. One of the easiest ways to diagnose and fix issues before they become difficult and expensive to fix is to have your roof inspected on an annual basis, and here’s why you should.

1. Defects Aren’t Always Apparent

It’s easy to look at your roof and assume that everything is alright because you don’t notice any shingles missing or you see mold growing on them. However, you may not notice granules that may have been building up in your gutter or pouring out of your downspout. These granules can come from the shingles and are indicative of a potentially serious issue if left uncorrected.

Typically, granule loss is a sign that a shingle is old or otherwise defective. It makes it vulnerable to being eaten away by moisture, mold or insects, and older or worn shingles are also more likely to blow away during even modest wind events.

You may also fail to notice that a few shingles have started to curl, which is another sign that they need to be replaced as quickly as possible. It’s also possible that the roof recently sprung a leak that you don’t know about because there haven’t been any bouts of heavy rain or snow since it happened.

The folks at Helpful Roofing in Foley, AL can perform a thorough inspection that will alert you to the signs of shingle or other types of roof damage. From there, we can talk about repair or replacement options so that you can make an informed decision that meets your needs and budget.

2. A Roof Can Fail at Any Time

Typically, an asphalt shingle will last for about 20 years when properly installed and maintained. However, if a shingle is not properly installed, it could fail long before the end of its projected useful life. Typical installation issues include nailing it to the roof in the wrong spot or failing to use a starter row on eaves or rakes.

The lack of a starter row is problematic because it can allow water to get under shingles that are installed. Furthermore, the first row is what most contractors use to ensure that subsequent shingles are installed in a straight line across the roof.

It’s also possible for shingles to fail if they are installed on top of existing shingles that are curled or otherwise not laying flat. In such a scenario, you may need to tear off all the shingles and start fresh.

Having to repair or replace a roof early is something that no homeowner wants to hear. However, regular inspections may help to ensure that you don’t also have a pest infestation or a cracked foundation because water has been leaking into the house for months or years.

3. Don’t Void Your Warranty

Another important reason to inspect your roof is that failing to do so could void any warranty that came with it. Typically, you’re required to take reasonable steps to avoid repairs or to avoid allowing your home to fall into greater disrepair. Scheduling an annual inspection may give you protection from liability in the event that your roof does fail for any reason.

Having your roof inspected can also help to ensure that a leak or other defects aren’t caused by repairs done in the past several months or years. If a contractor made those repairs, that entity may be liable for any damage caused by its actions, assuming that you did your due diligence.

Taking this step can also come in handy if you want or need to file an insurance claim to fix roof damage or other issues caused by a defective roof. If you can show that you did your due diligence, it’s less likely that your claim will be denied.

If you’re interested in roof maintenance services, don’t hesitate to contact Helpful Roofing today! We can also help repair or replace your gutters or assist with the process of rebuilding from damage caused by severe weather events or other natural disasters.

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